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Air Compressors

G8 and G9 Dry Air Generators from Parker Dominick Hunter.

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Analytical HPLC systems

AZURA Analytical HPLC systems provide an extended backpressure range of 1000 bar and an optimized dwell volume.

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Biochromatography systems

All Bioline LC Systems are based on Knauer LC technology, built to be used for a wide range of applications.

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CombiFlash EZ Prep

Streamline Flash and Preparative HPLC chromatography with a compact, easy-to-operate unit.

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CombiFlash Rf +

RFID method automation, more fractions, larger screen, higher pressure – all in a smaller package. 

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CombiFlash Rf 150

Begin purifying samples in minutes.

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CombiFlash Torrent®

The next generation in scale up Flash purification..

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CombiFlash® Rf 4x

Four-channel, walk-away automation.

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Compact HPLC systems

The new AZURA line of elements has been designed to provide highly adaptable HPLC solutions with up to date features.

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Custom Blends

Custom Standards are Inorganic Ventures' specialty.

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Dual-pump Continuous Flow Systems

The Dual-Pump Continuous Flow Systems couple two pump modules to a single controller.

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Gas Chromatography

GC columns and consumables from the injector to detector including syringes and micro SPE (MEPS).

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