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PAL GC-xt Systems

PAL GC-xt - The most flexible GC/GC-MS liquid sample injector.

Key Specifications

  • Superior accuracy and reproducibility combined with optimum injection flexibility.
  • Top mounted, saves valuable bench space.
  • Dual injection port mode.
  • Sandwich injection mode.
  • Liquid injection volume up to 500µL for LVI application.
  • Nanoliter injection mode.


The PAL GC-xt dual injection port mode allows injections from samples, placed in the same or different vials, in a single GC run. This assures high productivity for high sample throughput or dual column and/or detector confirmation.

Perfect injection handling:

For maximized performance, the PAL GC-xtcan handle up to 6 different syringe sizes, which cover an injection volume range of 0.1µL – 500µL. Different injection modes include the traditional, the hot empty needle, the sandwich or the internal addition technique. These choices provide solutions to various analytical problems and challenges. The sandwich mode prevents the effects of boiling point discrimination in low volume applications. The internal standard addition is used for quantitative calculations, retention indexstudies or matrix spiking.

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CTC Analytics AG
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