Aquilant Analytical Sciences - Pal GC-HPLC-xt systems

Pal GC-HPLC-xt systems

Front-End Automation for LC / LC-MS Systems and Options.


Key Specifications

To meet the demand for increased sample throughput and flexibility CTC introduces the PAL HPLC-xt product Line.

Built on the successful PAL product line, the new PAL HPLC-xt offers faster speed plus a completely new single PCB-based electronic which features more memory, RS232 and LAN communication and of course easier serviceability.

The new DLW option (only available with PAL-xt Systems) offers near zero carryover and up to 4 times faster cleaning cycles compared to the standard Fast Washing Process.

The open and modular architecture of the PAL-xt makes it the most flexible auto sampler for every HPLC and LC-MS System.


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CTC Analytics AG
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