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ICP Spectro Blue

The ICP-OES spectrometer that delivers a new level of performance for routine laboratory analysis.

Key Specifications

The SPECTROBLUE is an inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) that sets new benchmarks among compact, mid-range spectrometers for simplified operation, low maintenance and affordability. With a 750 mm focal length Paschen-Runge optical system and 15 linear CCD array detectors it provides unmatched optical resolution and sensitivity. The unique full-transparency UV-PLUS approach eliminates consumable purge gases and ensures excellent long-term stability.  

The SPECTROBLUE advanced confocal optical system delivers excellent optical resolution and sensitivity. SPECTROBLUE also utilizes revolutionary UV-PLUS gas purification technology and a breakthrough OPI-AIR interface that avoids costly, complicated external water cooling.

The SPECTROBLUE plasma generator is designed for maximum efficiency. It packs ample power reserves even for extreme plasma loads. Plus its free-running 27MHz design provides wider frequency bandwidth.

Along with these features, the SPECTROBLUE ICP-OES system comes equipped with SPECTRO’s proprietary smart analyser vision software, making it easy to take full advantage of the instrument’s simplified operation and unique analytical capabilities.

Additional optical emission spectroscopy instruments in SPECTRO’S comprehensive ICP-OES product line include SPECTRO GENESIS and SPECTRO ARCOS.




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