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Spectro ICP-MS

Improved efficiency with simultaneous ICP-MS.

Key Specifications

SPECTRO MS is a double-focusing sector field ICP MS (ICP mass spectrometer) based on a Mattauch-Herzog geometry with a newly developed ion optic and pioneering detector technology. It is the only ICP MS instrument available on the market today that is capable of simultaneously measuring the complete mass range used for inorganic mass spectrometry from 6Li to 238U with a permanent ion beam going to the detector.

The ICP-MS with maximum flexibility:

With the SPECTRO MS ICP MS, storage of the data for the complete mass spectrum enables unprecedented flexibility regarding method development and makes it possible to later determine elements in a sample even when the sample no longer exists.

The ICP-MS with isotope ratio analysis:

SPECTRO MS is the first ICP MS (ICP mass spectrometer) to be able to fully simultaneously determine not only the element contents, but also the isotope ratios in the entire mass range from Li to U. Fully simultaneous measurement can lead to clearly better precision and to the development of new application areas.

The ICP-MS that leads in productivity:

A high sample throughput rate is the key to the profitability of every analytical instrument. The SPECTRO MS ICP MS sets new standards for fully simultaneous analysis, simple operation and highest reliability.

The ICP-MS with precision and accuracy:

With the tremendous readout of its G3 ion detector, the SPECTRO MS ICP MS instrument achieves excellent detection limits and excellent precision and accuracy.


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