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SPECTRO XEPOS HE - The Specialist

Highest sensitivity for medium and heavy elements; optimized for the analysis of environmental and process-critical elements.

Key Specifications



The SPECTRO XEPOS HE uses a 50 Watt endwindow X-ray tube to excite the samples. The target changer, with up to 8 polarization and secondary targets, offers many different excitation conditions ensuring optimum determination of the middle to heavy elements. The application range covers the elements from Na to U. A shutter improves the stability of the system by enabling the sample to be changed without having to turn off the X-ray tube. Consistent X-ray tube performance is ensured by the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that compensates for power fluctuations. Measurements can be conducted in a He gas atmosphere or in a vacuum; many applications even in air.


The detector is a state-of-the-art silicon drift detector. The resolution remains stable, regardless of the count rate. Internal collimators greatly improve the signal/noise ratio. A resolution of less than 155 eV at Mn K-alpha is achieved. The high spectral resolution at high count rates results in reduced measuring times and improved measurement accuracy.

Sample Presentation:

Not only powerful analytical components, but also exact sample presentation is critical for exceptional analytical performance. This was a special consideration during development of the SPECTRO XEPOS HE. The precision of the sample changer and a new generation of sample trays dramatically reduce the effects of mechanical and physical fluctuations; improving analytical results. The analyzer can handle samples with diameters of 32 mm, 40 mm and 52 mm. The sample chamber can be equipped with a sample spinner for 40 mm sample cups to further improve the measurement results for inhomogeneous samples or irregular surfaces.



  • Highest sensitivity for medium and heavy elements.
  • High precision auto sampler with sample trays for various sample diameters.
  • Pre-calibrated application packages.
  • Intuitive software.



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