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Rapid N Cube

Rapid N Cube is designed for the costeffective analysis of large sample series.

Key Specifications

Nitrogen/protein analyzer according to Dumas for routine analysis of samples such as food or animal feed up to 1 g sample weight. The rapid N cube is a fast, safe and environment-friendly alternative to the classical Kjeldahl method. The rapid N cube is a particularly reliable and durable instrument based on the most modern microelectronics and mechanics.


High temperature combustion:
Dumas combustion method for N-Protein acc. to AOAC, DIN/ISO, EN and many international standards.

Large weighing range:
Up to 1 g sample weight (1g organic matter).

Concentration range:
From ppm to 100% or 500 mg N abs.

Clean, safe, fast:
The analysis only takes a few minutes, no aggressive or toxic chemicals are used, CO2 as intelligent carrier gas.

Easy installation requirements:
48 x 55 cm benchtop space, 1 power supply (230, 110, 100 V), and two gases are sufficient for maintenance free long time operation.

Multipoint calibration:
Stable over months and matrix independent.

Instrument control :
With a standard PC for perfect results also for unknown or heavily variable sample matrices, 21 CFR Part 11 functionality available. Possibility for remote service due to full digitalization of the instrument electronics.

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