Aquilant Analytical Sciences - Vario MICRO Cube, Vario EL Cube and the Vario MACRO Cube CHNOS Analysers

Vario MICRO Cube, Vario EL Cube and the Vario MACRO Cube CHNOS Analysers

Automated Analysers for the elements C, H, N, O and S.

Key Specifications

CHNOS Elemental Analysis

Long-time Market Experience optimizes our devices for the use in CHNOS Elemental Analysis.
Most important is the large dynamic range of detection, from < 0.01 to 100%. This range is even possible when there is a great difference in relative concentrations (i.e. trace nitrogen in the presence of high carbon content). Elementar analysers also feature very large sample size capabilities from < 1mg up to several grams. This wide range of applications with universal as well as special instruments is only achieved by Elementar.

vario MICRO cube

The definition of elemental micro analysis
The modern "cube" platform is setting the standards for elemental analysers. Outstanding instrument design and intelligent engineering in combination with 110 years’ experience in the development of elemental micro-analysers lead to unmatched precision of your analysis. Less than 1 mg pharmaceuticals can be analysed just as precise as 500 mg soil samples. Volatile gasoline or temperature-proof silicon carbide can be analysed just like coal, foodstuff or sewage sludge - without restriction of the elements, simultaneously for CHNS or for the combinations CNS, CHN, CN, O and Cl.

vario EL cube

The benchmark in elemental analysis
Using more than one hundred years’ experience in elemental analysis in close contact with today's users of our instruments the 
vario EL cube was developed for a growing and changing demand in the 21st century.

The high-end solution for all applications:

  • No-compromise micro analysis of samples in the lower microgram range.
  • Semi-macro analysis for CHNS up to 1 g soil analysis.
  • Full digitalization for highest degree of automation.
  • Market leading precision.
  • 10 years warranty on furnace and detector.

vario MACRO cube

The art of elemental analysis:
Whether in coal, oil or soil analysis, the elemental analysis of macro samples is a particularly technical challenge for an analyser. Elementar has solved this task in a sophisticated way by offering the
vario MACRO cube. 

The elaborate design of the "cube" instruments is good looking and makes this perfect function possible. Ergonomics and functionality are finely linked here. vario MACRO cube can be adjusted to today's and tomorrow's requirements due to its modularity. However, the most important requirement of an analyser is still the accuracy of the analysis. And vario MACRO cube simply works accurate.

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