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Vario MAX Cube

Maximum performance on a micro foot print.

Key Specifications

The Dumas combustion method has become the worldwide used standard for accurate and fast determination of nitrogen, e.g. in agricultural products. Compared to the wet chemical Kjeldahl method it is superior in terms of speed, safety and environmental friendliness. The representative analysis of a natural product requires a larger sample size of up to 1 gram or more.


Facts of Superiority

 Largest sample size: 

Up to 5 g sample weight for CN analysis. Up to 330 mg absolute or
500 mg C content can be measured.

90 position auto sampler: 
For 5 ml steel crucibles for solids and liquids with virtually unlimited life. Automatic ash removal and rechargeable at any time also during operation.

Highest speed of analysis: 
Less than 4 min for N (sample to sample). High sample throughout is realized without interruption by blank and recalibration measurements.

Best precision: 
e.g. 5 ppm N in beer or 10 ppm C in soil.

Extreme long time stability: 
For unattended, fully automated overnight operation. Only one blank value check is required per day.

Efficient water removal: 
A multistep condenser and Nafion(R) gas dryer results in along time maintenance free operation, even for continuous series of 2 ml aqueous samples.

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