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CombiFlash® Rf 4x

Four-channel, walk-away automation.

Key Specifications

Multitask like never before with the CombiFlash Rf 4x system, a four-sample automated version of the innovative CombiFlash Rf personal purification system. Its built-in control system acts as an Internet server, generating a web page that can be viewed using a touch screen, desktop or laptop computer running Microsoft Internet Explorer. You and your colleagues can monitor progress and schedule your time more productively. 

The CombiFlash Rf 4x system uses precision-packed RediSep Rf columns from 4 grams to 330 grams, which are quickly interchangeable with no additional hardware — saving you time and money. You can also use multiple column sizes and various stationary phases in one batch. Enjoy fast, easy scale-up from milligrams to tens of grams of purified sample.


Standard Features
  • Sense remaining solvent volume in supply bottles with optional solvent management module. 
  • Multi-sample automation lets you share resources with other chemists, without waiting in line. 
  • Different size columns (4 grams to 330 grams) can be used for each channel. 
  • RFID column sensing automatically programs optimal parameters for each sample channel; channels can also run with customized parameters. 
  • Up to 200 psi operating pressure – ideal for reversed phase Flash chromatography. 
  • Delivers four times the productivity in less than nine inches of linear bench space. 
  • Increase work efficiency with multiple columns – load and program new runs without interrupting the purification in progress. 
  • Sample automation lets you share resources with other chemists, without waiting in line. 
  • An optional post-run air purge can clear solvent from all columns before disposal. 
  • Automatic, self-cleaning valve allows unattended operation and minimizes cross-contamination. 
  • The system can deliver waste fluids from each channel to independent containers and can monitor the fluid level in each to prevent over-filling. 
  • Convert from normal to reversed phase conditions in minutes.

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