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Gas Chromatography

GC columns and consumables from the injector to detector including syringes and micro SPE (MEPS).

Key Specifications

Advanced GC Column Technology:

SGE offers a comprehensive GC capillary column range for almost any chromatographic application, providing the best possible combination of Performance, Robustness, Reproducibility, Low Bleed and Inertness.  Advanced technology ensures brilliant results every time. 



MEPS perform the same function as SPE, namely the purification or speciation of samples, but with some significant differences:

  • MEPS works with much smaller samples (as small as 10µL) than full scale SPE.
  • MEPS can be easily semi-automated using the custom programming functions of the eVol® XR hand-held automated analytical syringe.
  • MEPS can be fully automated – the sample processing, extraction and injection steps are performed on-line using the same syringe. 
  • MEPS is applicable to GC and LC.
  • Significantly reduces the volume of solvents and sample needed.


    Diamond MS Syringes


Diamond MS Syringes - The Choice for Sensitivity:

  • Improve the sensitivity of your MS analysis:
  • Lowest syringe carryover.
  • Reduced non-specific sample interaction and increased analyte recovery.
  • Ultra smooth removable needles with choice of surface treatment.

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