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Mass Spectrometry

MS detector design and ion optics capabilities by ETP for most popular systems.

Key Specifications

Bringing you a range of products to suit your MS analyses, SGE provides the highest quality syringes, ferrules and columns.


Diamond MS Syringes | The Choice for Sensitivity:

Improve the sensitivity of your MS analysis:

  • Lowest syringe carryover.
  • Reduced non-specific sample interaction and increased analyte recovery.
  • Ultra smooth removable needles with choice of surface treatment.

Direct MS Infusion | Rapid and Sensitive:
Sample Preparation, Direct Infusion into ESI MS Coupling MEPS technology with a digitally controlled analytical syringe, eVol MEPS semi-automates sample preparation from extraction through to analysis.

SilTite FingerTite | The Smart Alternative:
The next generation ferrule system for gas chromatography systems delivering an easy, leak free installation for capillary columns without the use of any tools.

GC Capillary Column Range | The High Five:

  • The complete polysilphenylene and polycarborane GC column range.
  • New BP5MS optimized silphenylene column.
  • Five selectivities to suit your analyses.

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