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Analytical HPLC systems

AZURA Analytical HPLC systems provide an extended backpressure range of 1000 bar and an optimized dwell volume.

Key Specifications

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) today has become one of the most important methods in instrumental analysis.

HPLC can be used for a variety of applications due to the wide range of separation columns and detection principles available. 

KNAUER's Analytical series of HPLC instruments combines over five decades of experience in designing and manufacturing of HPLC Systems with the most up-to-date technology, resulting in one of the most reliable HPLC Systems on the market with many ingenious design features. 



  • Isocratic, binary high pressure gradient or quaternary low pressure gradient pump.
  • Pump heads allowing flow rates of up to 10 or even 50 ml/min also allow semi-preparative HPLC.
  • Bio-inert ceramic or stainless steel pump heads available.
  • Autosampler with 0.1 μl sample aspiration.
  • Highly sensitive diode array detector with intelligent temperature control.
  • Wide range of flow cells including remote cells with fiber optics.
  • Extensive safety features such as leak management and sensors.


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