Aquilant Analytical Sciences - Nanotrac Wave II, NANO-flex & Nanotrac Wave II Q

Nanotrac Wave II, NANO-flex & Nanotrac Wave II Q

Microtrac is the preferred manufacturer of Dynamic Light Scattering instrumentation for nano-particle measurements.

Key Specifications

Dynamic Light Scattering Systems
What makes Microtrac's systems unique is our proprietary approach to Dynamic Light Scattering, which allows us to measure from sub-nanometer to several microns, in addition to, the ability to characterize the widest concentration range on the market.

The pioneering enhancements that debuted in the UPA (pictured to the left) still live on today inside the Nanotrac Wave II, NANO-flex, and the Nanotrac Wave II Q.  Microtrac’s Dynamic Light Scattering systems can measure particle size from 0.8 nanometers to 6500 microns.  The systems can measure materials with concentrations up to 40% and have a variety of sample introduction configurations including Teflon cell, external probe, and cuvette.

Dynamic Light Scattering – the Microtrac way

The Controlled Reference Method, also known as Reference Beating, is Microtrac's proprietary approach to DLS that overcomes the limitations of Photon Correlation Spectroscopy. Reference Beating increases the optical signal to the photodetector system anywhere from 100 to 1,000,000 times compared to traditional DLS.  This increase in signal delivers superior sensitivity and precision for measuring size and zeta potential at high and low concentrations. Reference Beating is also ideal for accurate analysis of multi-modal distributions. 

Microtrac’s Dynamic Light Scattering Instruments include:

  1. Nanotrac Wave II – Can measure particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight in one self contained chassis.
  2. NANO-flex – A nano-particle size analyzer equipped with unique probe technology.
  3. Nanotrac Wave II Q – nanoparticle size analyzer with cuvette sample cell.


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