Aquilant Analytical Sciences - S3500, Bluewave, TRI-BLUE & Aerotrac Laser Diffraction Systems

S3500, Bluewave, TRI-BLUE & Aerotrac Laser Diffraction Systems

The first commercially available particle size analyzer, Microtrac has been at the forefront of delivering Laser Diffraction systems.

Key Specifications

By continuously improving the instrument technology, Microtrac offers customers a robust portfolio of Laser Diffraction instruments that’s ideal for particle sizing and characterization.


One, two, or three red lasers for cost effective particle size analysis plus flexible upgrade options.


One red and two blue lasers for great resolution as well as widest particle size distribution analysis capability on the market.


The only Laser Diffraction analyzer that fully agrees with Dynamic Light Scattering data. The TRI-BLUE features three blue lasers for superior particle size analysis for wet suspensions under 1 micron.Aerotrac –  One red laser for aerosol and spray particle size analysis.



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